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With the release of its first album in 2021, Sinope, Jian is bringing its jerricans to add fuel to the fire.


Résumé de l'architecture
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Jian was born in 2016 inside a Swiss basement from the union of stoner and post-hardcore .


After a long soul searching period and experimentation with different musicians, it finally settled on the yelled voice and cyclic guitar of Adam Saint-Roch (Guitar / Lead Vocal), roaring bass by Karim Cruchon (Bass / Backing Vocal) and sustained rhythm of Sébastien Tavel (Drums).

Stuck in a perpetual teenage rebellion carried by heavy sounds, incisive tempos, and syncopated chords, it keeps the melodic touch of happier days, dreamt but never lived.

With the release of its first album in 2021, Sinope, Jian is bringing its jerricans to add fuel to the fire.

Texture d'écailles de poisson


After having tried his hand at different instruments and having been immersed in music for as long as he can remember, Karim chose the funky and vibrant sound of the bass guitar. He first played in a fusion band composing their own songs that mixed rock and rap together. He then evolved with Jian, where he refocuses on a rock and dynamic sound, bringing all the power of his instrument.


After a few years of piano, and more than ten years of saxophone, the drums became the instrument of predilection for Sebastien.

Dedicated in music as well as in technical audio, he carried out various theater projects, concerts, and filming productions as a sound technician.

In 2016, he started building his own recording studio to create a workspace that will allow him to record his various musical projects.


Self taught guitarist and singer, Adam has been evolving for sixteen years in music and art. Member of six other bands during this time lapse, he contributed to several art exhibitions as the sound technician of several works mixing sounds and perfumes. Rock music is still his guilty pleasure and he's here to prove it.





GRRIF - InterviewJIAN
00:00 / 10:12
Couleur 3 - Le Freak - InterviewJIAN
00:00 / 06:18
Résumé de l'architecture

Interview NRTV 2021


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1196 Gland

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